eDiscovery all set for a speed and cost reset

One truth remains about eDiscovery… the market is set to keep growing as litigation volumes remain high and in fact continue to rise since the Covid-19 Pandemic took hold. Industry analysts such as Gartner predict data volumes will continue to grow, and the types of data continue to expand as industries invent new forms of digital communication daily. At the same time, the complexity of litigation and investigations continues to increase. We believe that the world emerging post Covid-19 will have even further demand for eDiscovery services as governments and businesses seek to understand where loss and liability lies and as they attempt to untangle themselves from the past and set a course for the future.

But there is an issue

As demand has increased, innovation related to eDiscovery technology and services has slowed:

Similarly, consolidation within the UK eDiscovery service provider sector has resulted in law firms being pushed towards global service providers whose focus is on efficiency in their global operations, often at the expense of client experience where efficiency savings are not passed on to clients. The increasing use of offshore delivery without corresponding investment in project management and collaboration processes has markedly diminished the quality of the client experience. Automation now stands to disrupt that outdated model.

Introducing a fresh alternative

Panoram believes there is huge room for improvement. Our full service eDiscovery value proposition is refreshing, progressive and focused on the following areas, with a mission of making our clients’ lives easier in a complex and cluttered arena:

Releasing you to focus on your clients.

Underpinned by Enterprise Technologies

We work with your preferred technology or recommend the right technology to meet your objectives. 


One Platform – no data errors, quickest speed to review time on the market, no data transfer cost

Extremely Price Competitive – relative to leading competitors

Innovation & Stability – Recent public listing raising capital for innovation and expansion

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