Streamline and simplify legal matter lifecycle management in M365 using Repstor Custodian for Legal

Matter-centric document management (DMS) is a critical solution requirement for legal teams looking to ensure all client information is digitally captured, curated and securely retained by the enterprise. It is a foundational technology for a modern legal team, allowing them to collaborate, manage, preserve and easily retrieve necessary information. When combined with bespoke automated intake workflows, it allows a legal team to capture and monitor client requests and build the data records for future analytics and digital improvement initiatives.

Unlocking Value in your Enterprise Technologies

The legal DMS market has many legacy suppliers, but Panoram believes that flexibility and value for money are lacking in many of the available solutions. The majority use proprietary technology platforms which are expensive to administer, support and upgrade, and often make clients feel ‘locked in’. At Panoram, our approach is to:

Introducing Repstor Custodian for Legal

Repstor’s Custodian for Legal™ product extends the powerful document management and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint and Teams providing an ‘Office 365 for Matter Management’ solution.

Combining all of the rich functionality available in M365 applications, with the precise legal workflows required for legal matter lifecycle management, makes it highly intuitive, secure and excellent value for money.

Intuitive, Secure and Value for Money

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