Document Automation in M365 Power Platform

Document drafting is an area that technology can be introduced to quickly improve day-to-day productivity, ensuring highly-trained, specialist lawyers are no longer tied up with initial drafting or endless mark-ups. It has been proven to save time and money for law firms, legal departments and clients by:

  • Reducing the time it takes for businesses to get agreements in place with third-parties
  • Removing the need for direct involvement of legal teams in routine contracting
  • Releasing legal teams to focus on more complex legal matters
  • Driving greater compliance with legal guidelines and removing the risk of errors in agreements

Document Automation in M365

Panoram has used our experience to develop a unique, custom-built document automation solution entirely in Microsoft 365.  This tool can help your lawyers move rapidly beyond the administrative legal work such as contract drafting, freeing them up to add far greater enterprise value.

Our M365 framework comprising of pre-built templates and workflows allows for the rapid production of document automation solutions for law firms and legal departments. 

With access to our proprietary PowerApp templates, the client has the option to either adopt out-of-the box automated document templates (e.g. nda) or copy and configure Panoram’s template to produce their own.

Affordable, Easy to Use and Highly Configurable

No additional licence fees, no new bespoke technology and all built on the most secure, powerful technology platform – M365