Guiding you to success

Legal teams face intense pressure to balance value for money with providing the highest quality services to the business. 

We’ve all seen an explosion in ‘LegalTech’ solutions on offer, but how do you make the right choices? At Panoram, we can guide you in your research and selection, in particular showing you how can utilise existing enterprise technologies such as Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce, to get maximum value for money. 

With our team of highly experienced digital strategy consultants, we’re the ideal partner to assist you in the technology discovery phase of your digital transformation programme. 

Our phased technology discovery process

Through our bespoke Discovery approach, we will capture a thorough understanding of your needs to identify the right mix of technology solutions and customized rollout plan. Wherever possible, we advise on strategies to maximise the potential of technologies you already licence and base the prioritisation of initiatives against clear KPI’s and value drivers. 

Combining legal and technology expertise

Panoram’s M365 for Legal experts help general counsel and law firm leaders craft, construct and launch legal digital strategies on M365. We use our expertise in both M365 and the legal industry along with our proven methodologies to help you:

Phase 1:

Current State Assessment

Perform a detailed audit of your legal department activities, processes, and technologies, including strengths, opportunities, and challenges. 

Phase 2:

Future State Vision

Define a future vision for your legal department, utilising our leading practices capability models and robust technology solution selection methodology 

Phase 3:

Value Case and Roadmap

Finalise your future technology selection, develop a business case for investment, identify change impacts and prioritise transformation roadmap initiatives. 

Connecting the dots: Understanding Legal and IT

At Panoram, our highly experienced digital strategy consultants have a thorough understanding of both legal and IT. This means we can help you: 

Together, we can shape your successful transformation to digital on enterprise platforms. 

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