M365 for Legal Digital Advisory Services

Panoram’s highly experienced digital strategy consultants help General Counsel and Law Firm leaders craft and launch pragmatic M365-based technology strategies for their practices. We use expertise and experience to help you:

  • Understand where your legal technology capabilities are lacking and how to strengthen.
  • Focus on the high value changes required to make the biggest impact for your business.
  • Construct a carefully budgeted roadmap focusing only on value for money priorities.
  • Ensure that all changes you make have a direct and impactful return on investment.

Our Advisory Services

We provide:

A different level of experience and professionalism

Our industry leading Digital Transformation team has been shaped by Panoram’s co-founder, Rick Seabrook (former Accenture Consulting Partner) , who has an innate understanding of how to find value with on point digital transformation reviews and strategic planning.