The eDiscovery and data investigations sector is set for continued growth, as litigation and investigation cases rise post pandemic.

But there is an issue.


Panoram believes that innovation related to eDiscovery technology and investigation services has slowed significantly in the past years, leaving many clients disappointed with spiralling costs, poor project experience and frustratingly ‘locked in’ with the most widely-used technology vendors.

Huge Room for Improvement

Panoram believes there is huge room for improvement in the delivery of Discovery solutions. 

Our full service enterprise eDiscovery solutions are refreshing, progressive and focused on our mission of making our clients’ lives easier in a complex and cluttered arena.

Three key features make us unique:

Enterprise-grade eDiscovery Technology

At Panoram, we endorse the use of the best enterprise-grade eDiscovery platform in the market today – Nuix Discover – offering;

A Single Platform for Processing and Document Review – eliminating data errors and data transfer costs, leading to the quickest speed to review time on the market. 

In addition, we perceive Nuix to offer;

Embracing Digital in eDiscovery Project Management

Surrounding Nuix technologies, Panoram delivers the best project management experience in the eDiscovery industry through the advanced adoption of automation

Our promise to clients is exceptional project management, providing consistency, transparency and exceptional quality of project delivery.

We are successful at delivering this because we have created Panoram’s Digital Project Management (PDPM) which works directly within Microsoft Teams and is integrated with our eDiscovery platform.

By utilising PDPM in eDiscovery projects our clients get the following benefits:

Our Founders are UK eDiscovery industry leaders

Our founders bring a combined 50 years experience innovating at the forefront of the  eDiscovery and investigations industry.

  • For over 5 years, Martin led the largest eDiscovery consulting team outside the US and worked on the highest profile investigations globally.
  • Greg has founded and scaled multiple eDiscovery companies outside US

Together and with the wider team, they are committed to driving a step-change in eDiscovery and Investigations project innovation and success for our clients.