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Enhancing Legal Collaboration: Microsoft Teams Premium – One Year On

In the legal industry, where collaboration and communication are paramount, Microsoft Teams Premium continues to evolve to meet our changing needs. With the ever-growing trend towards hybrid work, Teams Premium stands as an indispensable tool, facilitating seamless collaboration regardless of your location.  

As we reflect on its one-year journey, let’s explore the latest features tailored to enhance legal collaboration in the modern workplace. 

AI-Powered Meeting Recap: Revolutionising Documentation 

Legal professionals juggle numerous meetings on a daily basis, making efficient documentation crucial. With AI-powered meeting recaps, available within the ‘Recap tab’ in the Teams calendar and meeting chat, users gain automatic meeting notes, suggested tasks, and personalised highlights. This feature ensures that even if you miss a meeting, you can quickly access vital information, streamlining internal discussions and client meetings. 

Live Translations for Multilingual Legal Collaboration 

In today’s interconnected legal landscape, international collaboration is increasingly common. Teams Premium now offers live translations of meeting captions and transcripts into over 30 languages, fostering inclusive communication among global legal teams. Whether negotiating contracts, consulting with international clients, or collaborating with overseas counterparts, this feature ensures language barriers do not impede work, promoting efficient and effective communication across borders. 

Customised Watermarking for Enhanced Data Security 

Protecting sensitive information is paramount. Teams Premium introduces customised watermarking of shared content, offering an additional layer of security during meetings. Legal professionals can safeguard confidential documents and presentations, ensuring only authorised personnel access sensitive information. When sharing confidential data, watermarking provides peace of mind in an increasingly digitised legal environment. 

Microsoft eCDN-Powered Town Halls: Secure Broadcasting  

For organisations hosting large-scale events or town halls, Microsoft eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) offers secure, high-quality streaming to up to 20,000 attendees. This feature ensures smooth and uninterrupted broadcasting of organisation-wide meetings, trainings, and all-hands events within Teams Live Events.  

Custom 3D Immersive Experiences with Microsoft Mesh 

As legal teams adapt to hybrid work models, fostering meaningful connections remains essential. Microsoft Mesh introduces custom 3D immersive experiences, transforming virtual meetings and events into interactive environments. Users can leverage the Microsoft Mesh toolkit to create fully customised, multi-user 3D experiences, facilitating engaging presentations or interactive training sessions.  

Microsoft Teams Premium continues to revolutionise collaboration, offering tailored features to meet the unique demands of the legal industry. From AI-powered documentation to secure broadcasting and immersive experiences, Teams Premium empowers legal professionals to navigate the complexities of modern working with agility and efficiency. Teams Premium stands as an indispensable ally in driving productivity, connectivity, and innovation within the legal industry.