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Panoram announces Panoram.Ai: An innovative Generative AI special offer for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)  

Panoram is offering a special 3-month trial of Panoram.Ai. This no-obligation trial allows businesses to experience the future of CLM with minimal effort and risk, while achieving a high-value impact on performance. The trial includes an initial analysis of up to 500 contracts using multiple LLMs, to surface key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide actionable insights, all delivered through Panoram.Ai’s M365 CLM solution. 

Rick Seabrook, Co-Founder at Panoram, commented, “We’re excited to introduce Panoram.Ai to the market. This offer delivers speed and accuracy, turning hours of manual tasks into simple clicks or prompts. We believe Panoram.Ai will accelerate contract management best practices and offer businesses significant advantages in managing their business relationships.” 

Businesses can take advantage of this offer without any long-term commitment beyond the initial trial period. 

For more information about Panoram.Ai and to apply for more details on this free trial, please complete the form below: