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Roundtable invite: Generative AI in Legal: Separating fact from fiction 

Distinguishing marketing hype from true transformation and innovation

Date: 14th May 2024

Times: 6.30 – 9.30pm

Venue: M Threadneedle Street

Delegates: Senior legal executives from law firms and corporate legal departments


As we continue our ‘Shaping the future of law’ event series, Panoram invites you to join an exclusive roundtable debate on GenerativeAI: Separating fact from fiction, in the legal industry over dinner with our partners, Nuix. This invite-only event brings together senior legal and governance executives to share their thoughts and experiences on this disruptive technology. 

We’ll be debating the following key areas:

  • Practical real-life use cases in the legal industry vs marketing hype 
  • The journey of implementation 
  • Strategies and best practices for success

Complete the following registration form to apply and someone will be in touch to confirm your space.

Dinner will be provided. We hope you can join us!