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Panoram Launch new CLM application inside of M365

Panoram is thrilled to announce the launch of Panoram Contracts, an innovative new contract lifecycle management (CLM) suite designed to transform enterprise-wide contract collaboration. The application, built entirely in Microsoft 365 and surfaced in MS Teams, promises to be a game-changer for organisations seeking efficient, secure and compliant contract management inside their existing enterprise software.

Contracts are the lifeblood of any enterprise, serving as the foundation for successful business operations. In today’s fast-paced and complex commercial landscape, effective management of contracts within your existing business processes is crucial. Panoram Contracts is poised to revolutionise the way organisations handle contracts, offering a range of benefits that include reducing contracting errors, accelerating the speed to contract signature, increasing contract compliance, and supporting overall business agility and growth.

Rick Seabrook, Co-Founder of Panoram, commented, “Panoram Contracts represents a significant leap forward in the realm of contract management. We understand the critical role contracts play in business success, and Panoram Contracts is designed to streamline the entire process, providing a user-friendly experience within the familiar Microsoft 365 environment.”

Key Features and Benefits of Panoram Contracts:

Familiar User Experience: Panoram Contracts runs in Microsoft Teams, the modern workplace, used by over 320 million users daily. This ensures quick and intuitive onboarding, making it easy for all users to collaborate seamlessly within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Robust Information Security: Leveraging Microsoft’s advanced security and access controls, Panoram Contracts prioritises the protection of sensitive contract data. Users can trust that their information is secure and that access is granted only to authorised personnel.

Data Sovereignty: Panoram Contracts stores, organises, and retrieves documents securely within an organisation’s Microsoft SharePoint environment. This eliminates the cost of additional cloud storage, providing Panoram’s customers with complete control over their documents.

Mitigating Commercial Risk: Panoram Contracts unique design enhances compliance, reduces errors, and accelerates the contract signature process, ultimately delivering improved commercial risk management.