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Nuix XLR8/23: Our key takeaways 

Panoram was delighted to participate in Nuix XLR8/23 conference last week. The event was the ideal destination for global professionals who protect their organisations and communities to come together and learn about complex data and discovery.  

 They rolled out the blue carpet for a captivating event consisting of a mix of exciting developments, thought leadership, strategic direction and real life client case studies. 

Nuix NEO 

The biggest announcement of the day was the launch of Nuix NEO, their new Data Privacy solution that will enable organisations to secure, protect, understand and analyse their unstructured data. Providing true insight and understanding of a business’s most complex data. We look forward to learning more about Neo in due course. 

It’s all about AI 

It was good to see a number of different sessions referencing AI and we’re excited to see that Nuix’ NLP capability is a core component of the new NEO solution. There was some healthy debate over what AI actually is, but the potential benefits are significant.  

Fujitsu highlighted the fact they were able to uncover new insight using Nuix’s AI capabilities and it was good to hear the differing opinions on current and future data challenges facing the legal sector. They also provided a sneak peek into their new Intel benchmark testing – (In Bracknell!!) for those in the know, the entire Enron data set processed in 9 minutes… 

Real-World Scenarios 

What we enjoyed the most about the conference was hearing so many real-life examples of the transformative capability of Nuix technology.  

One of the sessions addressed the Genoa Bridge collapse tragedy as the result of a rainstorm, tragically killing forty-three people. The collapse led to a year-long state of emergency in the region and extensive analysis of the structural failure. It was interesting to hear how the Prosecutors in Italy investigated this tragedy. The investigation involved 60TB of data gathered from 7,000+ Lotus Notes mailboxes, leaving investigators with 2 billion pieces of evidence for examination. As a result of the investigation, 59 people are now facing trial. 

We were also joined by Mizuho, where we presented a joint case study on how Panoram helped Mizuho optimize their DSAR Response process. Process improvement and functional implementation improvement of Nuix Workstation and Discover resulted in Mizuho being able to reduce their DSAR data handling efforts by 85%, amongst other benefits. 

Strategic changes – empowering positive change through innovative technology 

In his opening keynote speech, Nuix CEO Jonathan Rubinsztein outlined his priorities at Nuix, including the generation of Nuix software, along with inspiring ways in which customers can use the technology to be a force for good in the world. 

It was clear to see throughout the day that Nuix is making dramatic advancements to its software following customer feedback and a move away from legacy technology towards addressing wider market themes, focusing on being a solution driven organisation. A re-energized, re-focused Nuix.  

We were pleased to hear there’s going to be further emphasis and recognition of Nuix partners moving forwards of course we were delighted to be awarded ‘Nuix New Partner of the Year’ at the event. An annual event to put in your diary, next year’s is already planned to be even bigger and better…