Our Beliefs

We are establishing Panoram at a time of great disruption and uncertainty.

For the foreseeable future, crisis, risk and business continuity management will have an increased priority, requiring an immediacy of focus on maintaining services and supporting those most in need.

But beyond this present phase, a new normal will quickly emerge, in which old rulebooks are torn up and new norms take over. The pressure on law firms and in-house legal teams to cope in these extraordinary times - to step up to the challenges that will be presented by a transformed, digital world - will be unprecedented. In this context, we believe legal teams must embrace digital technologies and new delivery models to meet these extraordinary challenges and help businesses and society move safely into the new normal.

Digital is no longer an option; it is a necessity.

And yet the legal sector has historically failed to grasp the opportunities in digital.

Prior to the present day, the provision of legal services has remained largely unaffected by technology. And rather than offering a panacea, the current crop of legal technologies perpetuates this status quo, adding unnecessary expense, risk and distraction. And exacerbates the prevailing sense that legal teams operate in their own siloes.

Our mission is to help legal teams plan and deliver their digital reset, to help them operate in the new normal.

Using technologies they already have at their disposal or services they can efficiently purchase. Saving the expense of unnecessary legal technology and not adding to the overall enterprise risk. Becoming self-sufficient and aligning themselves with the businesses they serve as they manage through a historical period of change.

And by doing so...
reduce cost, manage risk and
re-ignite growth in these unprecedented times.
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